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Pretty Much Everything

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Pretty Much Everything

Gus Myer

By: Aaron James Draplin

Esquire, Ford Motors, and The Obama Administration. All of these brands are immeasurably different, yet they all have at least one thing in common; they have all been influenced by the work of Aaron James Draplin. He is a member of the new wave of prominent graphic designers capable of bringing the influence of design, social media, entrepreneurial values, and the DIY aesthetic together in the effort to create successful businesses and ways of life.
Pretty Much Everything is a mid-career survey of the work of Draplin. He displays case studies, sources of inspiration, stories, lists, maps, and advice in the book. It contains samples of his work—posters, logos, and record covers—and offers up the methodology behind his design work through describing projects such as Field Notes and the “Things We Love” Posters. Draplin offers precious guidance and hysterical annotation that demonstrates how much more is involved with the design process than what simply materializes at the end of the practice. With Draplin’s comedy coupled with his keen reflections on the current state of contemporary design, Pretty Much Everything is a comprehensive education for the burgeoning innovative generation of designers.

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