As an award-winning product design firm, Trig® helps you navigate the industrial design process from sketches to complete 3D CAD packages ready for manufacturing and commercialization. With a defined concept in the innovation stage, design is about bringing that idea to life.  


From ideas to reality.

Great product design doesn’t just happen with a sudden idea and a pen that brings it into reality. We believe it takes a thorough understanding of management objectives, consumer desires, and the competitive landscape. This is the foundation on which smart solutions – and successful products - are created. But all the research and insight in the world is nothing without execution. Great product design also requires the sweat, intuition, and skill to perform the alchemy of turning great ideas into tangible products.


Industrial Design

We aren’t bashful for saying that industrial design stirs our creative emotions at a deeper level than most. Our team of industrial designers envision empathetic designs for the end user, resulting in unparalleled functional and emotional connections that keep people coming back for more.

  • Idea exploration
  • Visualization sketching and illustrations
  • Concept refinement
  • Industrial design execution

MEchanical DESIGN

Modern product requirements demand attention to detail and outstanding problem-solving capabilities to meet economic, functional, and production objectives. Trig provides the requisite level of expertise needed to move from concept stage to manufacturing to hand-off.

  • Engineering
  • Proof-of-concept drawings and models
  • Design-for-manufacture
  • Rapid-prototyping

Graphic Design

In support of our product design services, we offer engaging visuals that not only draw attention, but distill mass amounts of information in an aesthetically pleasing and highly intuitive way.

  • Packaging graphics
  • User manuals
  • Step-by-step usage graphics

Got an idea in mind?

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