We fearlessly go where the creative process leads us.

We are explorers and we don't compromise. We don't believe in boxing ourselves in. Our unrestricted workspace allows us to explore every creative trail, every possible path to greatness in a project, and affords us the opportunity to always be on the lookout for the next best thing.

We build, attract, and retain the best and brightest.

Great talent is hard to come by. Mere geography isn't a limiting factor to the Virtual Way. The Virtual Way isn't for everyone, but we have found that intrinsically motivated self-starters who are comfortable with the ambiguity of the creative process tend to thrive at Trig.

We are built on trust and shared values.

We seek givers and avoid takers.  We strive for relational leadership and discourage the transactional.  We try to take the long view despite the short term pains or gains.  In the Virtual Way, trust is a given - our people are trusted and worthy of trust.  Everything we touch we yearn to make better. This passionate drive to always improve the world, even in the tiniest ways, isn't possible without trust in each other toward this common goal. We believe trust empowers all of us to deliver the highest quality of work  ... 

We find balance in a boundary-less world.

The Virtual Way does not mean that we work everywhere, all the time.  Peak creative performance means that we find time to rest, recharge, and keep our personal lives in balance with our professional efforts.  Apart from our weekly community rituals of coming together, we have the freedom to manage our own time to deliver both happy clients and personal fulfillment.

We seek diversity of perspectives.

The best creative teams have a healthy tension among people who look at problems from divergent perspectives and have unique life experiences. 

We are digital natives welcoming analog immigrants.

We regularly invest in new digital collaboration tools and freely share what works (and doesn't) with our community.  The future is here, but it is unevenly distributed.  New team members might find our transparency with clients unnerving, but soon discover that we accomplish far more when we create collaboratively.

Interested in our roots and how we got here? Read more about Trig's history.

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