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TBC Beer Label Design and Brand Identity

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TBC Beer Label Design and Brand Identity




Stephen and Inez moved to Tarboro in October of 2002. They met in New York City a little more than two years prior to their move and then, after six years in Tarboro, they decided that it was time to pursue a dream. The process began with the purchase of a building that is now the home of Tarboro Brewing Company. Not only had they wanted to start a brewery but the bigger picture goal was to play a role in revitalizing Tarboro. After establishing four great tasting brews, TBC approached us a with a desire to create a brand that felt like “coming home.” This became the mantra that guided the entire design process.



  • Graphic Design
  • Print Collateral Development
  • Digital Collateral Development
  • Website Design
  • Market Research
  • Trend Analysis
  • Customer Research
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Strategy and Development


We set about developing a set of final deliverables that would make all involved in the evolution of TBC proud to arrive at this new “home.” The elements that came to life were a beer label & logo revamp, a new sell sheet design, new promotional banners, custom artwork, and a retooled website design.



Nana’s Roof, First Ryed IPA, Town Common Ale, and Downtown Abbaye. These are the four tasty brews that TBC is putting on the market.

The design of the custom beer label sets the stage for the rest of the collateral materials. The cans emphasize the Tarboro name, the town that is near and dear to the hearts of Stephen and Inez. After that, the can is clean and simple in a refined, Southern way. The artwork stands out letting the consumer feel like they know some of the town’s landmarks. Finally, the slogan at the bottom tells you that the taste is supposed to feel familiar, reinforcing the idea of Tarboro being home.



This sell sheet was created with many of the same ideas in mind. The flavor differences are shown to exist on this sell sheet. However, the cans are laid out in this way to symbolize bring people together. This idea was at the forefront of all conversations and had to be enforced through all materials produced during this project. Finally, the boldness of each flavor comes through in the bright colors that make up this sheet.



The promotional banners are an important promotional piece for meetings about the future of the brand. They clearly showcase some key figures of the design work which are the can and the town’s name. However, the cleanliness of the banners is what is meant to shine more than anything else. There is a simplicity to the brand and that was necessary to showcase in this creative endeavor.



There were over 15 options available to Stephen and Inez, from painter’s style all the way down to line artwork. In the end, they made the decision to go with the line artwork design seemingly because of its simplicity.



The website follows all of the design characteristics that can be seen above. It is clean, clear, inviting, easy to use, and comfortable. You can clearly see the product throughout the page and the town’s name is never too far from the eye’s gaze. The beer can is the star of the show but at the same time there are a few other key elements to this brand that are easily observed during a scroll through their new website.

You can check it out here.