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Infant Product Design Animation Case Study

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Infant Product Design Animation Case Study


Project Brief

Trig Innovation had been asked to create an animated video for the launch of an Odor-Free Diaper Disposal pail. We identified an additional opportunity to create an illustrated character of a Baby for use in packaging and other collateral outside of the animated video. The use of illustrated character(s) helped the client to show the sense of scale and context for the pail, as well as communicate a level of classy humor that would connect with their upscale customer.  For a quick view of the finished animation, please watch this video: 


Still here?  Great!  This video is what we call an Animatic, or more rough composition of each of the elements to make sure we understand the timing, voice-over, and essential elements before starting on the more time-consuming finished renderings.  Check out the animatic video below:

Its not very often that we get asked to animate stinky diapers. As it turns out, animating a putrid stench visually isn't that hard, but we were challenged to express a clean fresh smell that was equally as salient.


In order to express the brand values of the odor-free diaper pail, we were asked by the client to generate characters for the animation.  The following images show our process in creating a character and its range of expressions, hair styles, movement, and tones during the story.

The amazing character development work was completed by Lauren Kvalheim.  “I’ve always been drawn to characters, since I was a very small child. It always seemed quite natural for me to personify objects. For instance, where others see a trashcan, I can see that individual trashcan’s personality and character—all trashcans, like people, have different personalities! And I was drawn to animation very early on in my life—animation is simply the format that I think best conveys the characters that I see in almost everything."  For more about Lauren and her talents, please check out her article in Tangents.