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Hagler Attending National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

Ty Hagler, Trig Innovation’s principal and designer-in-chief, will be attending the National Hardware Show (NHS) this week in Las Vegas (May 10-12).

The National Hardware Show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and feature over 2300 vendors and more than 100,000 new products. The NHS, sponsored by the North American Retail Hardware Association, brings together companies, vendors, and members of the trade media to showcase new products coming to hardware retailers throughout the United States in the coming year. Of the nine specialty areas featured at this year’s show, Trig Innovation has built practice areas in Hardware and Tools, Lawn, Garden, and Outdoor Living, and Homewares.

“The National Hardware Show is something that I look forward to all year,” stated Hagler. “To me, the show is about innovation coming alive right before our very eyes. The product development process—from ideation and concept refinement, all the way to launch—is very complex, and there’s really no such thing as instant gratification. And the feeling I always get about these shows, NHS in particular, is that companies are out there winning every day through focused, bright innovation. Not only do I have the privilege of meeting great people—I’m meeting people who are achieving success in the marketplace at the core of Trig’s business.”

Throughout the week, Hagler and Trig staff will be consulting with companies on their future needs in product development and planning, as well as meeting with members of the trade media who support the hardware retailing industry.

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Trig Innovation Announces Launch of SimpliciKey

New Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt Hits Market

May 3, 2011(Durham, NC) — Trig Innovation, a Research Triangle, NC-based product development and design company with expertise in the home improvement products industry, announces the recent launch of an award-winning client product, the SimpliciKey™ Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt.

The launch of SimpliciKey™, winner of the 2010 designSPARK award for industrial design, marks the firm’s latest achievement in delivering innovative product solutions for home improvement. As an alumnus of Home Depot’s corporate innovation team, Hagler has seven years of experience designing new products for the industry, through his first company, the industrial design firm Studio Hagler, and the recently launched full-suite innovation management consulting firm, Trig Innovation. The electronic door lock system, launched by SimpliciKey, LLC of Herndon, Va., features a remote control key fob similar to automobile remote controls, as well as a keypad and traditional manual key option. Hagler and his team provided a number of services to SimpliciKey, LLC during the product’s development; including concept sketches, renderings, 3D CAD sculpting and mechanical design, user experience mapping, rapid prototyping, user manual design, packaging design, and trade show support.

D’Vell Garrison, Vice President of Marketing at SimpliciKey, LLC, expressed his gratitude to Hagler for the results of the company’s maiden voyage in consumer product development.“We really appreciate the collaborative approach taken by Ty and his team,” stated Garrison.“They provided an impressive range of tools to enhance our team through the many twists and turns of developing a new product and launching a brand. We are so proud that our first consumer product is such a thing of beauty—a lock that is worthy of placement on the doors of fine homes across the country.”

According to Hagler, SimpliciKey™ stands out from its competitors due to the enhanced convenience of the remote control and the sleek design developed with the residential front door in mind. “SimpliciKey™ is entering an increasingly crowded market for electronic locks, but I think homeowners will find that this is the best total value product available,” said Hagler. “The safety, security, and convenience of this product—particularly with the remote control aspect—really appealed to many different customers, from young professionals, to busy families, retirees, and people with assisted living needs, making this product a truly universal design. We spent a lot of time making SimpliciKey™ simple to use, but powerful in its application. This product has the potential to help a lot of people, and we are excited to have been a part of its creation.”

The SimpliciKey™ Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt is available for purchase at www.homedepot.com or at www.SimpliciKey.com.

About Trig Innovation

Trig Innovation is a Research Triangle, NC-based innovation management consulting firm dedicated to delivering a toolkit of strategies and expertise for the development of new products and services for inventors and corporate product and brand teams. With practice areas focusing on the development and branding of products for the home improvement, medical device, and housewares industries, Trig Innovation draws upon a well of leading experts in industrial design, intellectual property law, mechanical engineering, and marketing strategy to bring new client products to market. Led by Principal Ty Hagler, a seasoned product developer from his start in marketing and product development at The Home Depot in 2004, Trig Innovation services clients throughout the United States from its base in Durham, NC.


Takeaways from the PDMA Innovate Carolina Conference

Ty Hagler and Brian Castle from Trig Innovation attended the Innovate Carolina conference on April 15th, 2011.

As we fully expected, the Trig team took away many great ideas from the annual Innovate Carolina conference hosted by the North Carolina chapter of the Product Development and Management Association in Charlotte, NC.  We view innovation as a process of generating commercially viable ideas and refining them for our clients.  We can honestly say that all of the conference speakers inspired new thinking for our next generation of projects.  In addition, we discovered new colleagues who belong to our same tribe, making the conference a definite success all around.

Some of the presentations really stood out, as the speakers opened up for all of us to have a peek and see why they are so great at what they do.  The conference kicked off in grand fashion, with Louis Foreman, CEO of Charlotte-based Enventys and the PBS series, “Everyday Edisons,” laid out his multi-pronged vision for fostering invention for small inventors and big companies alike, opening up innovation by reducing the barriers to entry.  It’s not too hard to see how Louis has had such a huge impact on our industry and is such a mentor to many of us, whether he knows it or not.  The conference theme was open innovation, and Louis has built an inspiring business model around that concept.

Next up was the equally charismatic Dr. Gene Slowkinski, a Rutgers University professor, Director of Strategic Alliance Research, and veteran consultant from Alliance Management Group. He outlined the “Want-Find-Get-Manage” model for seeking innovation partners by drawing a simple, yet powerful equation:  internal assets plus external assets= meeting customer needs.  As Dr. Slowinski pointed out, the challenge of a successful alliance depends on getting that equation correct.  It never hurts to have someone of his stature to remind us that the value of any business activity depends on being able to meet customer needs.

We joined the afternoon session led by David Burney, CEO and partner at RTP firm New Kind.  A pioneer from his open-source days at Red Hat, David was quick and often to announce himself as “just a designer,” but his talk revealed him to be so much more than that.  Better than anyone else we’ve read or heard in quite some time, David outlined some real paradigm shifts in the business world, predicated upon emerging trends in social dynamics.  Drawing upon his deep experience in open-source and coupling that with lessons learned from emerging social networks and sparking community-driven innovation at New Kind, David gave us multiple examples of designers capturing the wisdom of the crowd.  David also showed an emerging dynamic of “mission-based” businesses like Tom’s Shoes and Starbucks, who proudly wear their ultimate mission of creating a better world with their products as vehicles to drive their respective missions.  The Tom’s example—for every paid customer pair, Tom’s donates a pair to needy people in Third World countries, was especially thought-provoking.

Finally, David Magellan Horth of Greensboro’s Center for Creative Leadership showed why his organization has its well-burnished reputation for cutting-edge executive education.  Horth utilized visual techniques designed to inspire and engage creative thinking from the audience and then applied those tools to a methodology for bringing cross-functional teams together in a cohesive culture of innovation.  Horth’s talk speaks mightily to the Trig Innovation collaborative approach to product development, where we strive to include voices from across the organization for the most cohesive representation of ideas and contributions to the complex process of delivering a new product to market. 


Trig Innovation Announces Patent Award for Otwo Air Purifier

Press Release out today from Trig Innovation:

DURHAM, NC--(April 7, 2011) - Trig Innovation, a Research Triangle, NC-based innovation management consulting firm, announces its latest patent award for sgblue, Inc.'s Otwo Air Purifier.

Otwo was launched in October 2010 by sgblue, Inc. of Asheville, NC, and is a breakthrough device for residential use that removes all three types of pollution, including harmful gases (VOCs), particulates (dust, pet dander and pollen), and biologics (viruses, mold and mildew). The company contracted with a syndicate of Research Triangle Park firms to facilitate development of Otwo, including Trig Innovation, Montie Design, and Laut Design. Inventors listed on the patent include Ty Hagler of Trig Innovation, Montie Roland and Paul Hakenewerth of Montie Design, Michael Laut of Laut Design, and Parks Newby an instructor at NCSU.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the award for the Otwo patent on March 8, 2011.

"Our contribution to the project involved taking the form development sketches from Laut Design and leading the 3D CAD sculpting phase to capture a complex shape that wraps around the advanced mechanical components of the purifier as led by Montie Design," stated Hagler, principal at Trig Innovation. "This project had a high level of difficulty to deliver on the functional and aesthetic requirements, but has delivered a high level of reward for the great people at sgblue by creating a strong visual brand language. It was a daunting challenge to translate the subtle design intent of a sleek, curved surface, where the only flat surface is the base of the device itself, and then tightly wrapping that exterior around the mechanism for a very compact, space efficient unit. It was through close collaboration with the talented engineers at Montie Design that we were able to balance the complex product development requirements leading to a successful product launch for sgblue. While many of Trig's projects involve work from concept to launch, we embrace the idea of collaborating with other professionals in the RTP area to provide the best solution for clients."

Ryan Hamsho, VP of Residential Sales at sgblue and client/collaborator, is pleased with the results. "The entire process went very well, from design conception through to completion. Once we finalized the engineering and basic design requirements and preferences, they really ran with it. Our customers love the look of this purifier. The footprint is small and the design is sleek. We're very happy to hear they've received the patent. It's well-deserved."

Otwo Air Purifiers available for purchase at www.sgblue.com.

About Trig Innovation

Trig Innovation is a Durham, NC-based innovation management consulting firm dedicated to strategies for the development of new products and services for inventors and corporate product and brand teams.

Media Contact:
Ty Hagler




Trig Innovation Welcomes Morgan House to Brand Strategy Team

We are very proud to welcome Morgan House to the brand strategy team at Trig Innovation. 

Morgan is a champion flat water kayaker training for the 2012 Olympics in London while completing his degree in marketing from Ashford University.  During his stint at Trig Innovation, Morgan will be working on a cross-functional team with principal Ty Hagler, brand strategist Brian Castle, and industrial designer Patrick Murphy (more on Patrick to come soon).  His work will encompass many functional areas within the marketing aspect of product development and innovation management, including public relations, social media, customer research, and competitive benchmarking.

Morgan and Ty have a very personal connection, dating back to their time together at the training site for the kayaking competition for the 1996 Olympiad in Atlanta—the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club in their hometown of Gainesville, GA.  While Morgan was breaking US records for junior paddlers and becoming the first junior champion at the Pan American Games, Ty was earning recognition as a senior paddler from his performance at the 2003 World Championships.

We have already seen evidence that Morgan’s athletic prowess and accomplishments are translating directly to his professional performance as well.  He brings a lot to the table—creative problem-solving, team skills, discipline, attention to detail, and an outstanding work ethic—all fundamental values to the Trig team.  In the past, Trig has sponsored Morgan’s fundraising efforts to support his amateur athletics career, but this year we wanted to create a special opportunity that would be a win-win for Morgan and Trig.  That special opportunity is a partnership with three beneficiaries—Morgan can grow professionally, Trig grows as a company, and the US Olympic team has an athlete who can remain focused on the task at hand, winning in London next year.

“Morgan has demonstrated incredible perseverance in continuing his Olympic dream despite the economic difficulties in finding funds to train full time,” stated Hagler. “While I was able to earn a spot in the Olympic Job Opportunities Program with the marketing department at The Home Depot, Morgan hasn’t had that kind of opportunity due to cuts in both funding and participating sponsors.  The OJOP provided me with an opportunity to compete as an amateur and feed my family, but, more importantly, it launched my career as a designer, product developer, and, ultimately, as an entrepreneur.  It’s my sincere hope and honor that we can be that kind of springboard for Morgan, too.  I’ve been inspired by Morgan’s character and work ethic since meeting him in 1996, when he was an eight-year-old, at the training facility, and that inspiration has never wavered.”

To learn more about Morgan House and his quest for an Olympic medal, check out www.housekayak.com  Inspiration guaranteed.


The Trig Team

Trig® Innovation, is a nimble vessel for navigating the possibilities of innovation in product and service development. Based in the Research Triangle, North Carolina region, a global hub for science and technology, the Trig® team packs creative and problem-solving prowess into an exclusive strategy framework to propel innovation in a variety of industries. From home improvement products to medical devices, Trig® is a proven winner in industrial design, ideation, and innovation management. Our company is growing, and how we grow is a direct response to the needs of our clients. With emerging service areas like animation, video production, and brand identity, we are expanding outside of a traditional industrial design framework with a host of offerings that mesh well with our keen understanding of product and service development. Global product and brand teams, as well as inventors and entrepreneurs, know that Trig® Innovation is the right choice for integrated development solutions and interactive marketing services.